Cécile Léonardi

(France, 1976), Sociologist and teacher in the National Superior School of Architecture of Grenoble (ENSAG), since 2005 she develops seminars concerning the new uses of the contemporary city, as part of the master ” Architecture, between uses and urban landscapes.” She extends this research by giving classes to the 3rd classes of the Institute of Alpine Geography ” Reform and development of the marginalized spaces “, and as an active member of the group of investigation ” project – process; tools and procedures. ” She is also completing a doctorate in sociology of the art and the literature in the ” École des Hautes Études in Sciences Sociales ” (Paris), under Jacques Leenhardt and Florent Gaudez supervision, with the topic: the use of the art in the investigation in the social and human sciences. In parallel she develops tools dedicated to the dialog and the conciliation in urban projects and in support to the project strategies.